Thresholds Of Life Counselling

Liz Sallows, Registered PsychotherapistBREBAMACP

Hi! My name is Liz. I have been helping people work through the “stuff” that comes up in their lives for many years. We have talked babies and children, love, husbands, friends, parents and parenting, pain, abuse and loss, and those deep-down hurts that seem to have no words – the really important things in life. Sometimes, we managed to “fix” the “problem”. Other times, simply bringing light to that which was hard and hidden allows truth and validation to strengthen and growth to take place. Together, we have worked those tough things through. I am so honoured by those who have trusted me with what goes on for them, for allowing me to walk along with them as they find new perspectives for their lives.

Life can be hard sometimes. You deserve a life that is the real you, not defined by what has happened to you.