Thresholds Of Life Counselling


We all have hope. Sometimes, only a small glimmer that may be hard to keep in one’s heart. At other times, the hope we have is easy – easy to see and easy to hold onto. Let’s work together to get a good grip on all the hope you have, for yourself, for your future, to work towards achieving your goals.


When we begin to discover who we are, our worth and our value, other emotions, memories, and thoughts arise that we do not know what to do with, or even where to place into our process. Bringing what makes us uncomfortable into the light of day can help us determine the origin of that discomfort. Then you are more able to decide what the future will be with your new knowledge and understanding.


What do you dream about for the future? Do you dare to dream, about your future or anything else? What holds you back from dreaming? Fear of not achieving the dream, perhaps? Experience with past disappointments? Working so hard to get through the day that there is no time or energy to consider anything past the next few hours? It does happen – life gets away from us all at times. But… just think what might happen if you did take a moment and dream about what you really wanted for your future! Taking time to determine what you want, and then to develop and designing that future allows for a greater chance of getting where you really want to be!


“Deep inside of us we all know there is someone we were meant to be.”

David Kessler